Monday, May 11, 2009

May Wildflowers, first week

Words cannot describe the wildflowers in northwestern Pennsylvania in May. I am going to let my pictures tell the story with minimal interruption by me.


wild oats

white trillium

Solomon's seal

future bloomer

future bloomer

Mayapple to bloom soon

wild ginseng

future bloomer, tall meadow rue


past bloomer, bloodroot

wild ginger

future bloomer, forget-me-nots

future bloomer

interrupted fern

bitter dock, with a monster root system for invading and staying in your gardens!

future bloomer

budding field mustard

pink and blue bluebells Viola pennsylvanica...smooth yellow violet

I included photos of non-blooming plants because, as you can tell by the lack of caption names on some, they aren't so readily identifiable as the bloomers. Stay tuned for future ID as I return to the Tidioute Riverside Trail and the Newbold Estate to follow up on them. Now, stop reading and get out there botanizing!

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