Thursday, June 4, 2009

June at Burgeson Wildlife Sanctuary

I returned to Burgeson Sanctuary yesterday with my friend Ness and did a bit of June botanizing. This place is really impressive. Wide, easily walked trails took us through a variety of habitats and we were able to see wildflowers in bloom ranging from the common daisy to the pink lady-slipper. In addition to the flowers, we were delighted to see numerous pairs of eyes popping up through the duckweed on the ponds--green and bull frogs singing to the evening breeze.

I had the pleasure of meeting Gib Burgeson, for whom the sanctuary is named, many years ago at the Allegany Nature Pilgrimage (which was one of his numerous projects). A distinguished botanizer, he loved sharing his own love of nature with others. His efforts at education and land conservation live on after his passing in 1997 on his 100th birthday.

There is an arboretum on the sanctuary dedicated to Ted Grisez, whom I met on Botanical Society of Western Pennsylvania trips.
From the Jamestown Audubon Society's website:

"The Arboretum was started in 1980 by a group of dedicated Audubon volunteers headed by retired forester Ted Grisez. Over the years, trees have been added to the collection so that it now contains over 60 trees. Most of the species can be found in either Chautauqua or Warren counties or both."

So without further ado, I present some June wildflowers of Burgeson Wildlife Sanctuary.


Kathy said...

gorgeous! I wish I couldn't have gotten out of work early. Glad you both had fun.

Lee Ann said...

I wish more could have made it. Perfect weather, perfect walk. The frogs were so cute...all those eyes poking up.

Jack said...

Nicely done, LeeAnn....

sarah said...

Wonderful pictures and I do appreciate learning about this unknown place. Thanks